The City of Hailey needs your help. The Local Option Tax (LOT) will sunset if our population goes above 10,000, as is expected in this year’s census. City leaders with the support of The Chamber would like to extend the “tourist-based tax” for 30 years. The following information explains the tax, what it’s used for and how to vote by May 16th to keep it going.

Thanks for your time and support!

Voting methods have changed under Covid-19, but it remains important that all Hailey residents vote.  The May election ballot contains an important Hailey ballot question about extending Hailey’s Local Option Tax.

QUESTION:  Shall the City of Hailey, Idaho adopt an extension to its local option tax with Hailey Ordinance No. 1257?

Ordinance No. 1257 provides for the imposition, implementation and collection of non-property taxes for a period of thirty (30) years from its effective date, at the rate of three percent (3%) on the rental of passenger vehicles and hotel-motel room occupancy, two percent (2%) on retail sale of liquor by-the-drink, wine and beer, and one percent (1%) on the retail sale of restaurant food?

The purposes for which the revenues derived from said taxes shall be used are:

(A)  Emergency services (rapid response, life saving, traffic enforcement, training,  staffing, equipment, vehicles, etc.).
(B)  Maintenance, improvement and acquisition of parks.
(C)  Road repair, transportation enhancements and snow removal.
(D)  City promotion, visitor information, special events and economic development.
(E)  Town improvements (library modernization, sidewalks, town square, etc.).
(F)   Public transit and related improvements.
(G)  Direct cost to administer and enforce this ordinance.

Hailey’s Local Option Tax, when implemented in 2006, increased the city’s revenue by 10% and diversified the sources of revenue for city services.  After 13 years, Hailey’s Local Option Tax has brought nearly $6 million to the City of Hailey.

How to Vote
To vote in the May 19 primary, Idahoans MUST REQUEST their ballot from their county clerk or online through the Secretary of State’s website by May 19. Once the ballot arrives at their home, voters simply fill it out and mail it back using the pre-addressed envelope. Voters need not wait until May 19 to request their ballot or to vote. Ballots can be requested on-line at
Voters can also request a ballot by simply emailing their request to: or
call Blaine County Elections office at 208-788-5510.

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