Nonprofits bring our community together

Chamber president Christina Cernansky & vice president Jenni Riley

Wow, what a ride! No one could have predicted what was coming in 2020, and as you know, our valley was struck hard in the early stages. Because of our dedication to work together, we have come forward stronger than ever. The definition of resilience “is the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties,” and the Wood River Valley is more resilient than ever. We have seen Community partners come together to provide community resources with Blaine County Recovery tool, which was the first in the state. We have seen our community and nonprofits working together to keep our citizens and businesses safe and healthy.

A large number of nonprofits in the Wood River Valley are among the many things that set us apart. We have dozens of nonprofit members in The Chamber. According to Idaho Nonprofit Center, these organizations statewide generate 3 billion dollars a year in revenue and represent the 6th largest employment-segment in Idaho. Our community and businesses not only support these nonprofits by donating, but they also provide valuable volunteer hours. Idaho ranks 5th in the nation for volunteer contributions per capita, which means that 34% of Idaho residents volunteer their time for a cause. Nonprofits provide many services here in our valley but also lead the charge for many activities that draw visitors from around the world. Trail maintenance, theater, arts, ballet, symphony, recreational activities, and basic human needs are just a few of the services that are due in part to our nonprofits. We are all in this together, now more than ever.

You know nonprofits are essential to our community, both socially and economically, when our Chamber President is the Executive Director of NAMI, the V.P. is the founding director of the Giving Guide. A majority of our board members serve various nonprofits throughout the valley and The Chamber is even a nonprofit s well. 

We recognize that mental health and wellbeing is vital to ensuring the resiliency in the Wood River Valley and that mental health conversations are critical to have in the workplace. How can you, as an employer, support your employees, how can you, as an employee, support your customers? Reach out, connect; you are not alone. 

So, join us and enjoy the recreation, shopping, restaurants, and the beautiful scenery our valley has to offer. Still, we hope you get to meet the people of our valley while you’re here also. We are all in this together! Welcome to our slice of heaven. #WeAre1WoodRiver

Thanks for your support, 

Christina Cernansky

President, Chamber of the Wood River Valley

Executive Director, NAMI Wood River Valley

Jenni Riley

Vice President, Chamber of the Wood River Valley

Hazlett Wealth Management, LLC

Giving Guide of the Wood River Valley

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