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  They create the soundtrack for life here in the Wood River Valley, and their voices are as familiar as an old friend’s.

            The local radio stations of Wood River Media, KECH 95.3, KSKI 94.5 and STAR 107.5, have been part of daily life in the heart of Idaho for decades. Now under new ownership, their goal is to become stronger voices for the Wood River Valley.

            “I’ve been in the radio business for 39 years,” said Richard Mecham, the new owner of Wood River Radio. “All these years later radio still works as effectively as it did in 1981. If we take the time to do it right, it works every time.”

            Mecham got into the radio businesses in Las Vegas and his career includes managing stations in Los Angeles and Salt Lake City. He bought his first station in 2011, and now owns radio stations throughout the Northern Rockies, including 11 in Idaho Falls.

            “93% of people listen to the radio,” Mecham said. “It’s the first time in history that radio is reaching more people than TV.”

            Radio is how Sun Valley reached Richard. He first came to the area for a family reunion back in 1990. After dialing his car radio into KSKI he said to his wife, “Wouldn’t it be great to own a radio station here someday?”

            That day came last fall and Mecham is thrilled to now be guiding the longstanding local radio stations. KSKI took over the FM dial when it started broadcasting from atop Bald Mountain in 1977. KECH radio first hit the airways in 1988. STAR 107 rounds out the trifecta. The new kid on the block, STAR offers pop music, while KSKI offers modern and adult contemporary, and KECH serves up lots of classic rock.

            “We love to help the community and drive more cash to local businesses,” Mecham said about his goal as owner, adding, “We’re really lucky to have some incredible talent here. People like Doug who really care about the community.”

            Doug Donoho is part of Wood River Radio’s talent pool. Born and raised in Payette, Idaho, Doug’s love of music led to a radio career that started when a friend offered him a job in 1983. Donoho spent much of his career working on radio stations in Oregon.

            In 2013, Doug and his wife and fellow, award-winning on-air talent, Dori, moved to the Wood River Valley. Their voices have become familiar staples of life here ever since.

             From local business and restaurants blaring their favorite songs, to passing cars with open windows, to alarm clock radios all over Blaine County, wherever you go around here, the local radio stations are there to entertain and inform you.

“We’re small but we’re mighty,” Doug said about the staff of Wood River Media. “We really strive to be there for the community, to be plugged into what’s happening and be a voice for the community.”

            For more information, go to WoodRiverMedia.com or to the KECH, KSKI or STAR 107.5 Facebook pages.

By Mike McKenna

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