We think that the Wood River Valley is one of the best places in the country … and it’s pretty tough to argue with us.

Recreation: Check Plus

From the ski slopes and mountain biking trails to hiking, fishing and even team and youth sports,  we  are world class.

Natural Beauty: Check Plus

Everywhere you go around here the views are breathtaking and our backyard offers some of the wildest and most inviting terrain on God’s green and watery earth.

Culture: Check Plus

From the stunning artwork on display at local galleries, to the speakers we regularly bring to town, to our strong hold on Western history and top notch libraries, we are the cultural hotbed of the Gem State and the Northern Rockies.

Food: Check Plus

Burgers and prime rib, sushi and fresh salads, hot dogs, food trucks, farmer’s markets and fresh baked bread and freshly roasted coffee, we treat our taste buds as well as anyone anywhere, every season of the year.

Events: Check Plus

Parades starring people, sheep and wagons, concerts featuring some of the world’s finest musicians, conferences for great writers and festivals for fantastic artisans and experts, every month of the year is chocked full of events that will entertain and make everyone happy.

Hotels, AirBnBs & Camping: Check Plus

From small and cozy cabins to clean, comfortable and stylish hotels to campgrounds snuggled under the nation’s first Dark Sky Reserve, we have accommodations to make anyone sleep like a baby.

Friendly People: Check Plus

Waving hello and welcoming others is way of life in Idaho and it’s our style here in the heart of Gem State. We pride ourselves on treating each other like family around here.

Our annual Discover the Wood River Valley Visitor’s and Relocation Guide pays homage to what makes this place so special. We work hard to make it as great as this place it’s about and this year our efforts were rewarded.

We were honored to have our Discover the Wood River Valley Guide get named one of the top 3 Visitors Guides in America by the prestigious Maggie Awards.

Thanks for making our job easier by being so awesome.

The Guide will hits stands and hotel and mailboxes all over the country by the Fourth of July.

Every Chamber member is included in the Guide, but it always helps to have you expand your listing or place a call to action ad.

Check out the online version here or download it from our homepage.

To find out more, please contact our talented graphic design team led by Nancy at Glick & Fray (nancy@glickandfray.com) or our editor, Mike McKenna at 208-7883484 or mike@valleychamber.org.

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