Redfish TechIt’s rather easy to judge a company’s success simply by looking at its books. But a truly successful company doesn’t just have its numbers in the black, its employees are also enjoying the positive and profitable values of feeling appreciated, challenged, productive and that there’s opportunity for professional growth.

No matter how you measure it, Redfish Technology, which has offices in the Main Street Plaza Building in Hailey, is an extremely successful company. For the third consecutive year it took home first place in the Best Places to Work in Idaho contest (which is based largely on employee responses), and the company’s founder and president, Rob Reeves, was recently named 2015 Idaho Business Leader of the Year.

“If we do things right in our house, so to speak, it permeates outside our offices,” Rob said, about a business philosophy that’s been steadily evolving since he first started up the nationwide executive search firm in 1996.

Best Work Palce Idaho“A big part of this is the culture. It’s a very dynamic environment. You’re not in cubicles. You’re working independently, but ultimately you’re part of a team. It can be very enlightening and allows a lot of room for personal growth, if you’re willing to find and face your weaknesses, “ Rob said, adding, “It’s a very human job.”

According to Rob, the ideal humans (talent scouts, executive recruiters, headhunters, or whatever you’d like to call the high tech recruiting staff) are a “special breed:” sharp-minded, solution-oriented, risk-takers and team players who can thrive in a unique environment. Commissions amongst the 11 staffers are shared, with rewards going out for the top quarterly and annual earners. But being successful for Redfish Technology is about more than sales.

“We try to have a very holistic view of business,” explained Anna Mathieu, Redfish Technology’s marketing communications manager. “How does business fit into our lives and our world? What are we doing right? What can we improve upon?”

Rob and Ann from Redfish Tech

Rob and Anna of Redfish Technology.

Every week the team sits down to watch TED Talks on everything from technology trends to time management tips to motivational speeches. They also have strong community connection programs like “One for One,” which allows staffers to donate money and time to charities after every professional placement—something they do rather regularly.

Besides the market being “very, very strong right now,” Rob explained another key to his company’s success. “I’ve got a very determined streak in me, “ he said. “Sometimes the brilliance is in just getting through until it comes back around.”

By Mike McKenna

This story originally appeared in the Chamber Corner section of The Weekly Sun.

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