Jacqui, Gabby and Alysha enjoy empowering women.

“When we are healthy and strong ourselves, we are better able to take care of the people in our lives who are important to us. We are also better members of our community. That’s why self-care and self-worth are so important,” Alysha Oclassen said.

Alysha founded the Pure Body Bliss Studios in Hailey13 years ago to help people be healthier and happier. The experience of being the sole proprietor of a small business has been, in her words, “incredible,” but after becoming a mom a couple years ago, Alysha was ready for a change. That’s why she is delighted to now have Jacqui Terra and Gabby Rivelo as business partners in the movement and massage studio.

“For anything to grow, it has to change,” Alysha said.

Offering Pilates, yoga, dance training and massage, Pure Body Bliss has a team of 10 instructors and therapists. Every member of the team is a female, which is fitting because empowering and connecting women especially is at the core of what Pure Body Bliss is all about.

“We want to support women. When women come together and support each other it’s magic,” Alysha explained. “When we stay true to our sisterhood, instead of being and speaking negatively about each other, we can all be amazing. How cool is that?”

Alysha and Jacqui primarily grew up in the Wood River Valley and the former dancers had performed together many times with the Footlight Dance Centre. Their love of movement led them rather naturally into careers as yoga and Pilates instructors. Jacqui is also a certified transformational life coach. The two have teamed up to form Wanderful Bodies, which offers soulful exercise and travel retreats and videos.

Gabby is fairly new to town and her energy and enthusiasm have meshed well with the team at Pure Body Bliss Studios. The three women have created a partnership that Alysha said is “really nice, comfortable and kind” and has inspired her with “how amazing we can be when work together.”

Getting more women to work together is the theme for the August Business After Hours, which Pure Body Bliss Studios will host at 91 East Croy Suite B, behind The Mint, in Hailey. It will run from 5-7pm and is free and open to the public. Women business owners are especially invited.

“We really love to help build up women so that they can become stronger than they think they are,” Alysha said. “But while our mission is to empower women, we are absolutely there for our men folk, too. They are always welcome.”

For more information about Pure Body Bliss Studios or to get involved with the Women in Business BAH, please call 208.720.3238, email info@purebodybliss.net.

By Mike McKenna

This story originally appeared in the Weekly Sun.


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