World-renown yoga instructor Peter Sterios shares Gravity & Grace

“Gravity is the force, or energy, that we deal with every day. We just don’t pay attention to it because it’s invisible. Grace attracts things to you and opens the window into intuition.”

This how author and world-renown yoga instructor Peter Sterios explained the tenets of his new book, Gravity & Grace: How to Awaken Your Subtle Body and the Healing Power of Yoga.

Peter was in the Wood River Valley this week promoting his book, including leading a sold-out workshop at Pure Body Bliss Studios in Hailey.

The recently published book is receiving rave reviews, including one from Sun Valley favorite, musician Michael Franti, who said Gravity & Grace is, “An inspiring read for yogis who’ve practiced for decades, and those just beginning.”

Peter’s long journey into yoga and writing his book has often wandered through the Wood River Valley.

Raised in Fresno, California, Peter began visiting Sun Valley to ski when he was kid. After studying architecture in college, he decided to move here during the ill-fated drought season of 1977-78, before skipping town for greener—or at least snowier—pastures.

Peter was first exposed to yoga during his college days, when he stumbled across a yoga class and was so taken aback by it that he rudely interrupted the class asking, “What is that?” The teacher invited him to join and soon thereafter he went to his first yoga class.

“That split second of seeing it gave me the feeling that this was a nice and safe place,” he recalls. “I was a stiff guy from years of playing sports and sitting at drafting desks. At that first class I realized, this was great, this was something I could use.”

A gifted rugby player, Peter’s career led him to call New Zealand home for nearly a decade. Before moving back to the States, he made a detour to India and was lucky enough to spend time practicing at The Yoga Institute.  His time there “completely dismantled this strong attachment to who I was,” he said. “I became more mindful.”

Back working as an architect in San Luis Obispo, Peter was asked to teach yoga at a senior center. Within months the class sizes and offerings grew and before he knew it he opened the first yoga studio in that city. He has been teaching in SLO and around the world ever since.

“The practice of yoga allows us to surrender and fully embrace life’s perfection. It opens up our inner teacher and our intuition,” Peter said.

A father and husband, whose wife’s family roots run five generations deep in Idaho, Peter always enjoys spending time locally and is looking forward to sharing his passion for yoga here.

“Everyone that has an interest in yoga is capable of doing it. If something interests you it is your grace calling to you. There’s a reason you’re reading this story, “ Peter said. “Yoga begins where you are, regardless of your physical ability.”

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By Mike McKenna

This story originally appeared in the Chamber Corner for the Wood River Weekly.

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