What is Gravel Grinding? Just Right Off-Road Adventure.           

More off-road adventure than a pavement ride, gravel grind riding is a unique mix of on and off-road riding, sometimes with some single track that allows you to cover miles and see incredible off-road Idaho areas. Underground races and organized events, such as Rebecca’s Private Idaho, have cemented the concept of gravel-grind riding to all who love bike adventures. Today, purpose-built gravel bikes are sturdy, but designed for off-pavement use, with good tires, a slightly more upright position, longer wheelbase and disk brakes. Gravel grinder bikes bring the best of both worlds – from smooth single track to epic road rides – into the same outing


Our Favorite Travels on Gravel

10 – Easy – Quigley Loop Trail/Rd.

4.2 miles. 642’ elevation gain.

About 45 minutes to 1.5 hours.

A perfect beginner or quick gravel ride, especially good for young children. Start at the trailhead on Quigley Road, just past the end of the pavement. Ride out on the single-track trail to the pond and loop back on the other side of Quigley Canyon until the trail crosses the field and returns to the trailhead on Quigley Road. Or ride the road out to the pond and return on the trail; it’s easier descending on the trail.

1B – Moderate – Classic Rock Creek to Poverty Flats Loop 

35 miles. 1,500’ elevation gain.

Expect 2-1/2 to 3/1/2 hours.

This ride is a classic tour of the west Hailey gravel. It is best ridden counter-clockwise and rides in reverse of some of the same roads in the Travels on Gravel map. Start in Hailey and head west on Croy Creek Road. At about 5 miles, turn left on View Road/Rock Creek Road (at Rock Creek Ranch sign). At approximately 10 miles, there will be a left turn onto Poverty Flats Road. This turn is easy to miss, but marked by a couple of galvanized storage tanks. Continue on Poverty Flats Road on rolling terrain followed by a 2.3-mile climb and fast descent

to Glendale Road. Continue on Glendale Road, crossing Highway 75. Take a right turn just before Bellevue Farms subdivision and follow around to the south and then connect with Gannett Road. Head back to Hailey via the bike path starting in Bellevue or alternately on Broadford Road.

7 – Difficult – Muldoon Canyon 

A “big” ride with lots of vertical.

16 miles. 1,500’ elevation gain.

About 2-3 hours.

This out-and-back ride on a gravel road is only lightly traveled but rough in places. It follows Seamans Gulch in a narrow shady canyon until it starts the climb to Muldoon Summit. Start from Bellevue on Muldoon Road and pass turnoffs to Martin Canyon on the left, and to Sharps Canyon on the right (see separate rides for those) until you start climbing in an open basin. At the summit you can stop and enjoy views of the Pioneer mountains before descending.

Travels on Gravel

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