Fall Biking for All!

Biking in our area is amazing any time of year but, fall biking in the Wood River Valley is a feast for the eyes (and the body) no matter your level or style of riding. Temperatures drop, the leaves begin to turn colors, the trails seem to be the perfect amount of tacky, the crowds slow a little, and the daylight is still stretching the days long. Whether you’re a roadie, a gravel traveler, a mountain biker or a bike path doddler, the Wood River Valley trail system is one of the best in the country.

Our community is highly invested in local trail systems and making them available and enjoyable for everyone. The Wood River Trails Coalition (WRTC) has built partnerships to develop an adaptive network opening up our passion to all abilities. How cool is that?

BCRD Summer TrailLink!

One of the best resources for all levels of biking is the Blaine County Recreation District’s (BCRD) Summer TrailLink. This tool provides all the necessary information about our local trails, from access points and difficulty levels to current conditions and/or closures.

Here are a few of our favorite rides for fall:

Forbidden Fruit: Adaptive Mountain Biking Trail

Born from the ashes of 2007’s Castle Rock fire in Sun Valley, the story of Forbidden Fruit is one of progression and accessibility – emblematic of the local riding community and those who have and continue to shape the scene. In 2020, WRTC partnered with the Sawtooth National Forest – Ketchum Ranger District, Higher Ground, and the National Forest Foundation to form the Adam’s Gulch Adaptive Sports Trail Enhancement Project. You can learn more about WRTC and read all about this amazing project here.

Adam’s Gulch, Sunnyside: Mountain Biking 

Because of its proximity to Ketchum, concentrated network of excellent trails, and multiple access points, Adams Gulch is easily the most popular hiking and biking destination in the Wood River Valley.

Gravel Grinding 

More off-road adventure than a pavement ride, gravel grind riding is a unique mix of on and off-road riding, sometimes with some single track that allows you to cover miles and see incredible off-road Idaho areas. Underground races and organized events, such as Rebecca’s Private Idaho, have cemented the concept of gravel-grind riding for all who love bike adventures. Today, purpose-built gravel bikes are sturdy, but designed for off-pavement use, with good tires, a slightly more upright position, longer wheelbase and disk brakes. Gravel grinder bikes bring the best of both worlds – from smooth single track to epic road rides – into the same outing.

Wood River Trail

This paved multi-use pathway is an outstanding recreational resource for the valley. This “main-artery” of the valley’s extensive system of paved trails is over 20-miles long and links Bellevue, Hailey, Ketchum, and Sun Valley.

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