Crafting a new style for parties and events

We’ve all been to a work party or special event that was, well, more like a root canal than a party. There was no real laughter, no connecting, no great memories were being made. Maybe there was a parting gift, but it probably wasn’t something you wanted to hang up in your house.

That’s what makes Daisy’s Workshop such a great idea. It can turn a ho-hum event into a hum dinger.

“It’s a fun way to do something like a company party. It gives people a chance to do something instead of just sitting around and eating,” Louise Isaacs said.

Louise founded Daisy’s Workshop in 2017 and the simple and fun concept has been catching on ever since. Basically, Daisy’s Workshop offers parties where the guests create handmade items they get to keep.

Painted signs of all kinds are the most popular options and the system is designed to please everyone, from kids to adults, from artistically-gifted folks to those of us who are better with hockey sticks than we are with paintbrushes.

“The goal is to have everyone make something they’re happy with, even if they’re not creative. Each party and every item is custom designed,” said Louise, who is a past president of the Papoose Club. “The system is pretty much foolproof.”

Before the workshop, participants go to the online design gallery and pick out what they’d like to create. Then all they have to do is show up at the party, which can be held at a place of business or a home, and start making fun things happen.

“There’s a lot of interaction going on, even though everyone’s doing they’re own thing. It can help break the ice, so it’s a good form of teaming building,” Louise said. “Not only do people bond at the party, they get to go home with a cool gift.”

Originally from California, Louise and her husband, Tim, raised their family in the Wood River Valley. Louise has always enjoyed creating art, even skipping other classes in high school so she could spend more time working on projects in her art class.  That’s why helping others create art comes so naturally for her.

Besides private parties, Daisy’s Workshop hosts public events like the upcoming Holiday Gifts Series, which is at Idaho Lumber on November 19th, the Hailey Welcome Center on November 23 and the Papoose Club’s annual Holiday Bazaar, where you can build your own snowman.

“I love it, “ Louise said. “It’s very social with different people each time and everybody has a different vision, which is fun.”

If you want to turn that same old work or nonprofit board party into something memorable and fun, Louise can help you out.  There’s a good reason why the motto of Daisy’s Workshop is “Do what you love!”

To find out more about Daisy’s Workshop private parties or public workshops, please go to or check out their Facebook page.

By Mike McKenna

This story originally appeared in the Weekly Sun.

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