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  If there has been one benefit from the chaos of coronavirus, it’s that it has gotten people to remember how enjoyable and rewarding it is to read a good book.

            “People are reading again. People were so busy and hadn’t had time to read until this hit. Now they’re catching up on things they’ve wanted to read and remembering how much they enjoy it,” Sarah Hedrick said, and she should know. Sarah is the one-woman show behind Iconoclast Books & Gifts.

            Founded in 1994 in Ketchum, Iconoclast has been in the Meriwether Building—behind Christopher & Company—in Hailey for just over three years.

            Every day of the week you can shop local and get great deals on print, audio or e-books as well as puzzles and games of all kinds at Iconoclast. Delivery time is actually often quicker than when shopping online from the faceless conglomerates.

            You’re likely to see Sarah’s smiling face anytime you walk into the narrow shop, stuffed to the gills with new and used books. She’s worked just about every day since the pandemic began and has never worked so hard. But she’s happy for the business and to see so many people re-discovering their love for reading.

Sarah is always swimming amongst thousands of titles, but somehow always knows where—or how—to find any books you’re looking for. She’s also great at finding just the right book or gift when you need some help.

            “I love my job. I could talk books all day,” Sarah said, in between assisting a handful of customers one recent afternoon. “I try to focus on the books by authors I really respect and to recommend quality books that are very timely.”

            Hot titles include work by authors like Brit Bennett, Sue Monk Kid, Trevor Noah, Jason Reynolds and The Hunger Games prequel. Puzzles and games have been very popular, too. Iconoclast also offers all the summer reading books from every school in the valley, carrying them alongside the 2021 Young Readers Choice Awards books.  With all the digital distractions kids face nowadays, it has never been more important to turn youth on to good books.

            That’s why it’s so great that Iconoclast is a resource for more than just hard copies. You can go to Bookshop.org/shop/iconoclastbooks or for audio books go to Libro.fm/Iconoclastbooks and it will still support your local bookstore. These websites were created specifically to help unique, independent bookshops like our beloved Iconoclast.

            Sure, shopping online has its benefits. But you can’t browse bookshelves on your cellphone. You don’t get greeted by familiar, smiling faces when you log on to a website. You’re not supporting a local family or keeping your money in our community when you purchase things from big chains.

            That’s why it’s always great and important to support your local bookstore! All of us who love reading and Iconoclast are thankful for your support.

            Visit Iconoclast daily at 111 North 1st Ave in Hailey, call 208-726-1564 or go to IconclastBooks.com.

By Mike McKenna

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