Sun Valley Single Fly This Weekend



Nestled in the pristine landscapes of Sun Valley, the annual Sun Valley Single Fly Competition returns, promising not just a spectacular fly-fishing experience but also a chance to make a real difference in the lives of young adventurers this weekend July 28 and 29.

The Sun Valley Single Fly Competition is more than just an angling event. It’s an endeavor to foster change. The funds raised support Idaho Basecamp’s Sahm 5th Grade Outdoor Adventure Education Program; an initiative aimed at empowering the youth with life-transforming outdoor experiences.

The Sun Valley Single Fly rules are simple but crucial: Anglers choose a single fly to fish with over a two-hour stretch. The challenge? If you lose your fly, you’re out of the game. Points are given based on the number of fish caught, with bonus points for length. The scenic Big Wood River, revered as one of Idaho’s renowned Blue Ribbon Trout Streams, is the backdrop for this competition. Famously known as “The Wood” by locals, it winds from North to South throughout the entire Wood River Valley, offering an unmatched fishing experience for both novices and seasoned experts.

The festivities begin on July 28 with Le Rues Registration Party at Sun Valley Outfitters. Participants can enjoy a relaxed ambiance with refreshments, music, and an exciting chance to size up their competition. The fishing begins on Saturday, July 29, with the first award of the day the First Lite First Catch, a cache of First Lite gear for the day’s first catch.

By afternoon, participants and their friends and family will gather for the Windermere Wrap-Up—a delightful conclusion filled with lunch, drinks, an announcement of winners across multiple categories, the close of the silent auction and raffle, and a grand Awards Ceremony.

Interested parties can register or find more information at Even if you can’t attend the event, consider supporting the cause through raffle tickets or auction bids. Every contribution plays a part in ensuring the Outdoor Adventure Education Program thrives.

About Idaho Basecamp Idaho Basecamp, an established non-profit organization is dedicated to benefiting youth outdoor education. Since 2020, they’ve been the proud producers of the Sun Valley Single Fly Competition, enhancing community bonds and fostering a deeper connection with nature.

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