ArborFest and the Fourth of July parade return

There hasn’t been a lot to celebrate in recent months. But now that we have begun to crush the COVID curve locally, it’s about time we found some reasons to rejoice.

That’s why The Chamber is happy to announce that two hallmark Hailey events will be returning—albeit it in mellower and more socially-distanced ways than normal.


The Hailey Tree Committee (HTC) will be celebrating ArborFest 2020 by giving out 135 tree seedlings this Saturday, June 13th from 10am to 2pm at both The Hope Garden and Roberta McKercher Park.

In exchange for the trees, the HTC is asking for donations for The Hunger Coalition to help feed local families in need. Acceptable food donations include non-perishable canned goods as well as pasta, rice or grains, and healthy snack items. Monetary donations made out to The Hunger Coalition will also be accepted.

The trees have been grown at the University of Idaho and include Ponderosa pine, Lodgepole pine, Rocky Mountain juniper, and the Idaho State Tree, Western white pine. Tree care information and a suggest tree list for Hailey will be available. Members of the HTC will also be happy to answer any questions.

“I love the fact that this year for ArborFest we will offer a wide variety of trees and shrubs, which are mostly native species and drought tolerant.  This variety will improve the diversity of our urban Hailey forest,” said Linda Ries, the Chair of HTC.  “I also think it is a special connection to be helping out The Hunger Coalition with donations of food items as part of our seedling exchange. If we can help out our community in this small way it will be so satisfying in this year of so many challenges!”


Despite being the hotbed of the coronavirus at one point, our community has risen to the occasion and we have much to celebrate.

Wood River softball players.

That’s why the City of Hailey and The Chamber are honored to announce that we will have an Independence Day celebration after all. Events will include a special parade that will wander through some of Hailey’s oldest neighborhoods and the night will end with a spectacular fireworks display.

The parade will feature local heroes, including health care workers, essential employees and you!

The public is invited to be part of this year’s special parade. Hailey and Blaine County would not have been able to handle the pandemic without your help and we would like to honor you. This year, instead of horses, floats and big crowds on Main Street, our parade will star local heroes of every age in decorated vehicles and bicycles.

“We live in the greatest place on earth,” Hailey Mayor Martha Burke said. “We did what we had to do to. We did the right things here. We care and appreciate one another and we want to honor and show gratitude for our community on this Fourth of July.”

For more information about the Fourth or to register for the parade or make a fireworks donation go here or call 208-788-3484.

By Mike McKenna


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