They say that all heroes don’t wear capes. Apparently, some of them wear aprons and deliver pizzas.

Originally founded in west Ketchum before moving to Main Street over a decade ago, Rico’s Authentic Italian restaurant has been feeding local families tasty pizza and Italian dishes since 1982. So when the pandemic hit and thousands of locals lost their jobs the crew at Rico’s knew what they had to do. They had to help feed the people.

“As a long-standing local business in the community, Rico’s is committed to helping when needed and now help is needed more than ever,” the restaurant’s owner, Rico Albright, said.

The “Provide a Pie” program was launched more than a month ago with a simple idea: every time someone buys a large pizza, Rico’s donates one to The Hunger Coalition.

Since then, Rico’s has provided hundreds of frozen pies for The Hunger Coalition’s weekly distribution in Ketchum.  With The Hunger Coalition setting records and serving more people in the past two months than they did in all of 2019, the pizzas have not only helped fill bellies, they have helped create smiles.

“When the pandemic hit and so many people, especially in the hospitality and restaurant industry, were out of work, we wondered, what can we do?” said Warren Benjamin, who helps Rico’s with marketing. “We knew we needed to help feed people, because that’s what we do, and the idea for Provide a Pie was born.”

Warren said that dropping off the pizzas each Thursday for distribution has been rewarding and much appreciated, so they started adding lasagnas as well.

“Rico is doing this out of the kindness of his heart, because he cares so much about this community,” Warren said.

The generosity of Rico’s has inspired others to pitch in. Rico’s has received donations from locals and even from out-of-state folks who want to support the program. Some of those donations have gone to help provide pies and some have been turned directly over to The Hunger Coalition.

“Our need to feed people in crisis is still there and we will continue to support The Hunger Coalition by doing our part,” Rico said.

It’s easy and downright delicious for you to help feed others, too. All you have to do is order a pizza from Rico’s any day after 5pm by calling 208-726-7426. Curbside pick up at their location, 200 North Main Street in Ketchum is encouraged.

By Mike McKenna

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