Mindful in the Mountains

by Ray Gadd                   Photo by John Webster

Reflecting back on this past year brings into focus a new way that we look at the world. For many of us, it has given us a minute to pause and identify what matters most. It’s encouraged us to try new things, to take care of ourselves, to virtually connect with friends and family, as well as igniting our intrinsic pull to get outside and explore. Hopefully, these changes have also taught us to be a little more mindful of our surroundings. 

Mindfulness comes in many forms. At the core, it brings forth consciousness of the environment around us. Some things we will know and others need to be learned in order to positively navigate these new experiences. Whether it be an understanding of our personal interactions or discovering ways to properly navigate the outdoors, there is power through knowledge. While we may have common-sense ideas of how things should be done, they may not always be the same. Take a minute to learn about simple unknowns. When in doubt, don’t hesitate to ask a stranger, ask a friend or find a guide to share the local knowledge. You’ll find we are a pretty welcoming place.

Visit Sun Valley has put together a series of educational resources including, but not limited to, trail etiquette, cleaning up after yourself and your pets, the value of guides, and how to be better stewards in an effort to help us all practice mindfulness here in our mountain community. For more information, head to visitsunvalley.com/mindfulness. 

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