‘Miss Jane’ moves on to real estate

You never know where life is going to lead you, but if you’re lucky, it will be to a place like Hailey.

Jane Dynduik can certainly testify to this. “Miss Jane” (as she’s known to countless local kids who went to Hailey Elementary School) lived in a half-dozen states before she finally called Hailey home. Her husband, Peter, originally brought her here 20 years ago on an impromptu vacation.

An avid mountain biker and former racer, Peter had visited Sun Valley before to ride the “best mountain biking in the world” and fell in love with the place. He wanted to make sure Jane would like our little slice of Idaho as much as he did.

“Peter wined and dined me. We stayed at the Knob Hill Inn. We went fly fishing,” said Jane, who swiftly fell for the Wood River Valley herself. “You could be in the wilderness five minutes from town. Most of the other places I lived, it took at least an hour just to get out of town. It was totally amazing.”

Jane’s appreciation for Hailey only increased—and dramatically so—after moving here.

Shortly after settling in, Jane found out she had lupus, an autoimmune disease that can attack any part of the body.

“It’s a life-changing event,” Jane said about battling a disease that, among other things, forces her to avoid sunlight. “The lesson for me was that I could get really excellent medical care here. I’ve been pretty lucky compared to most people.”

After working for Sawtooth Title, Jane took a job with the School District, manning the front desk at Hailey Elementary for 14 years before retiring in 2017. Jane’s smiling face was a friendly staple at the school, where she greeted thousands of kids and families over the years. She still can’t go anyplace in town without hearing someone call out, “Hi, Miss Jane!”

Miss Jane has been selling real estate as part of the team at Hallmark Idaho Properties since she left the school. Jane sold real estate in Minnesota and had kept up her license in Idaho, because selling homes is something she really enjoys.

“I love looking at homes. I like the challenge of meeting people and trying get to the root of what’s really going to make them happy,” said Jane, who also volunteers for the Kiwanis Club.

With the real estate market continuing to be hot, we asked Jane for some tips. First and foremost, she said, if you want to sell, now is the time. She said being patient also helps, as inventory will eventually increase. Finding a realtor who really knows the market helps, too.

Jane feels lucky to be working with Debra Hall’s office, as Debra has over 50 years of local experience and is, in Jane’s words, “an absolute real estate pro.”

“A good closing is when both the buyer and the seller are happy,” Jane said. “That’s my goal.”

Contact Jane at (208) 720-8385 or JaneDsells5B@gmail.com

By Mike McKenna

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