There are some folks around here who will tell you that Hailey, Idaho, is the best darn town in America.

 You know what we call these folks? We call them smart, enlightened, cool, attractive and compliment their good taste.

A lot is happening in Hailey to prove these folks right as summer gets underway. The Chamber would like to invite you to be a part of it all. We hope you can come out and participate, volunteer or even make a donation to help the upcoming events in Hailey be the best they can be.

Just after school gets out, on June 7-8th, Hailey will host the 48th Annual Ray Nelson Invitational Baseball Tournament. More than 20 Little League teams and their families from throughout southern Idaho will be battling it out as well as filling up campgrounds, coffee shops, hotels, KBs, Wise Guys and The Spud.

Nelson Fields will be the hub of action. The Wood River Baseball and Softball Association puts on the historic Little League tournament and can always use volunteers. Call Mike at 760-914-1877 with any questions.

The 5B Father’s Day Bash and Chili Cook-Off takes place on June 16th in downtown Hailey. Local restaurants, public safety professionals and the general public vie for bragging rights. This family-friendly event runs from noon to 4pm and includes kids activities and fresh beer from Sun Valley Brewery. The Chili Cook-Off has become so popular that entrance fees are being dropped so cooks can use the money to make more chili!

To find out more or to enter the contest, please go to or call 208-788-3484.

The Sheeptown Drag Races are hoping to return to Main Street in Hailey on June 20th. This iconic event features drag races between bicycle riders towing logs and once the sun sets, they set the logs aflame. Obviously, this event involves lots of good beer. To find out more, check in with the Power House Pub.

Outerbike, the “Best Demo Bike Experience in the Universe,” is in the valley from June 21-23. Some of our area’s 400 miles of single track run around Hailey, so expect to see lots of happy riders. Check out for more info.

Hailey’s legendary Days of the Old West Fourth of July celebration makes our town one of the best places in America to enjoy Independence Day.  From the festive parade to live music at places like The Mint and RiverFest, to an antique show, a rodeo and stunning fireworks, the 4th of July is always an awesome day in Hailey.

But it can’t happen without your support.

To make a donation for the 4th of July fireworks and celebration, please visit the Welcome Center, call 208-788-3484 or mail a donation to The Chamber of Hailey and the Wood River Valley PO Box 100 Hailey, ID 83333.

By Mike McKenna

This story originally appeared in The Weekly Sun.


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