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By Mike McKenna

“Having a healthy mouth helps the whole person,” said Dr. Jeffery Roth, DMD. “When you’re not feeling healthy, especially if you’re having tooth pain, it impacts your mental state and doesn’t allow you to be your best self.”

Helping people become their best, healthy and smiling selves is what Dr. Roth and the team at Hailey Dental Studio are all about.

“It’s rewarding to do something that works and helps others,” Dr. Roth said.

It’s an attitude he doesn’t just bring to his dental studio, but also to the community. Jeffery and his wife, Monica, are both originally from Illinois and met in college. They moved to Hailey because they thought the small mountain town would be a great place to raise their now grown son, Steve. Along the way, Jeffery has done everything from help coach travel Little League baseball to serving on the board of directors for The Chamber.

“I like this small town. It has a real sense of community,” Dr. Roth said at a local coffee shop early one morning. “As soon as we first came here, Hailey felt like home.”

Dr. Roth and his family also love our area’s easy access to nature and the great outdoors. Jeffery has been skiing since he was 12 and is an avid long-distance runner. He was even a member of the U.S. Summer Biathlon team, competing internationally in the combined running and shooting sport.

Whether he’s on a backpacking trip or just running along the local trails, one of the things Jeffery really appreciates about Idahoans is how friendly we are. The Idaho way is to smile, wave and say “Hi” when we cross paths. Dr. Roth enjoys being able to help people feel more confident when they smile.

“It’s satisfying to help people look and feel better,” said Dr. Roth, who spent time during the heart of COVID driving over to Boise to volunteer to help people in need with dental emergencies.

Besides the reward of helping others, what Dr. Roth likes most about dentistry is that is a combination of two of his favorite subjects: art and science.

“There are rules and guidelines you have to follow, but you also need to be creative to be successful,” Dr. Roth explained. “Every time, it’s something different and I’m usually challenged every day and I enjoy that.”

The educational requirements of being a dentist are also appealing to Dr. Roth. Even after years of schooling to earn a doctorate, Jeffery still spends lots of time studying the craft and staying up to date on the latest technology.

“When you find a better way and learn new things, that always helps, “said Dr. Roth. His “contemporary care” practice no longer does crowns and tries to avoid grinding teeth, instead opting to be “minimally invasive.”

“Feeling healthy and looking good are important to people,” Dr. Roth said, “And taking good care of your teeth is a big part of that.”

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