Local I.T. department opens in Hailey

There are few things in life more frustrating than having computer issues. In fact, in our new Zoomtown age, the old saying of “swearing like a trucker” should probably be replaced with “swearing like someone with I.T. issues.”

“We depend on technology so much now that we feel hopeless when it fails us,” said Chad Bertoni, the owner of the new Click It franchise in Hailey. “We understand how frustrating it is when I.T. isn’t working properly and we can help. We can make that frustration go away.”

After spending a decade as the vice president of new business development for a Twin Falls-based technology company, Chad and his wife Jennifer decided to open a Click It franchise in Hailey. They saw a real need for more Information Technology as well as general business support in a place they’ve fallen hard for.

The Bertonis spent the past 30 years visiting family who live here and decided to make the Valley their home in 2018. They have a son attending Wood River High School as well as two daughters who reside locally. Another son lives in Meridian.

“We love the town of Hailey and we recognized that there was a huge need for more I.T. help here and for the whole Valley,” Chad said.

While Chad certainly has the experience to open his own Information Technology business, he felt that teaming up with a well-respected national franchise like Click It would be a more beneficial move for him and for the community.

“We didn’t need to reinvent the wheel. Click It has been around for 20 years and is well known for being the best in the business,” Chad said. “By being part of Click It, it means we can offer you a whole team and 24-hour services.”

Click It “Your Local IT Store” opened earlier this month in the Centennial Station building at 400 North Main Street in Hailey. The highly-visible location is the new one-stop spot for all your technology needs as well as copier, printer and computer sales.

“Lots of people are working from home now and we can provide everything they need to be successful,” Chad said, explaining that Click It offers “a boatload of services, encompassing everything for both residential and commercial—we cover all the needs.”

Click It can help with everything from connection and management services, to security, email hosting and 48-hour computer repair. They also offer remote monitoring and free security health checkups so they can literally fix a failure before it happens.

“I really believe that were going to make a positive difference for the community,” Chad said, adding that Click It will be offering free monthly “Lunch and Learn” seminars at their store.

“We break down technology and try to make it easier to understand,” Chad said. “Our goal is to make extremely happy customers.”

To find out more about Click It, visit their store at 400 North Main Street in Hailey, check out their website, IdahoClickITco.com, or call (208) 404-3224.

By Mike McKenna

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