Kacie Flolo gets invited to join Team USA

    In many ways, playing sports has never been more important for kids than it is right now. COVID has turned the world upside down and things have been especially hard on our local youth.

Kacie shows of her perfect form at the plate.

            But a softball is still a softball. A grassy field is still fun to run on. Scoring a goal or run still feels great. Being part of a team is still full of magical moments.

            “Sports is a big outlet, especially right now. Being part of team is a big deal,” Kacie Flolo said, while donning a mask. “I want to stay safe, but playing sports gives us a chance to be normal.”

            Kacie is a sophomore at Wood River High and has recently been selected as one of the best softball players in the country. Team USA invited her to be part of the Olympic-style Down Under Games in Australia next summer. She’s working hard to raise the $6,000 she’ll need for travel expenses.

            And Kacie is taking the same positive, can-do attitude she takes to the field to her fundraising efforts. When asked how the rest of us could help, Kacie simple said, “I can earn it. Give me a job.”

            Kacie started playing softball through BCRD and soon moved up to travel ball with Wood River Baseball and Softball Association.

            “I wasn’t amazing, but I caught on pretty fast,” Kacie said. “I like the pace of the game, playing with friends and being part of a team.”

            Kacie primarily plays catcher and likes being behind the plate. It allows her to see the whole field and how her teammates are doing.

            “Attitude is important. When one person is upset it can impact the whole team. All you can do is try to lift your teammate up. You can’t un-do the error or make someone hit,” Kacie said.

            “In softball, everyone has to be on the same page to make it work. Team chemistry really matters for success,” said Kacie, who has served as team captain.  “Leadership is fun, but it’s also nice to be on a team where everybody is a leader, where you can have fun, but still stay focused and playing well.”

            Kacie’s ability to play well obviously caught the eyes of college coaches who anonymously nominated her for Team USA. When she first got the email with her invitation, Kacie thought it was a scam. But it was real and she thanks coaches like Matt Nelson and Ashley Adams for their help.

            There are several ways to help Kacie get to the Down Under Games. You can make a donation or you can hire her to watch your kids or pets or even go to the market. Between school, playing softball, basketball and cross country as well as volunteering for 4-H, she’ll find a way to make it work.

            There’s no doubt Kacie will raise the money, she’s got the perfect attitude, effort and team behind her—the Wood River Valley.

            For more information, contact Kacie’s mom, Julie at 208-720-1206 or flolos@msn.com

By Mike McKenna

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